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About Sara Dayani


  • I have worked in Family Court since 2008.
  • I have worked on thousands of cases involving divorce, custody, annulment, adoptions and terminations of parental rights.  
  • I have worked with specialty courts and therapeutic jurisprudence.
  • I have worked with drug court.
  • I have worked in dependency mother’s drug court.
  • I have worked with truancy court.
  • I was a member of the Truancy Summit Committee.
  • I helped re-implement Project S.O.A.R. 
  • I was a truancy diversion court (TDP) judge for two years.
  • I did research on truancy that lead to a grant for $600,000 spearheaded by Judge Jennifer Elliott.
  • I worked in the presiding judge’s office for three years where I worked with the senior judge settlement program and court administration.
  • I have been a  panelist at the Family Law Conference in Bishop, CA for the paralegal track for three consecutive years.
  • I was an integral part of the implementation of UNLV mediation.


During my time with truancy court I was a member of the Truancy Summit Committee. The committee was comprised of various community leaders and we discussed ideas and ways to combat truancy. The committee reinstated project S.O.A.R (seeking opportunity accepting responsibility.) Project S.O.A.R was a collaborative effort with the courts, CCSD and the Nevada National Guard who provided a mini boot camp for the children and showed them that they had the option of joining the military after high school. The last day of Project S.O.A.R was a tour of Creech Air Force Base where the children and I got to see the predator. I did the three day boot camp with the children, I went to Creech AFB with them and I attended their graduation. I even stayed at work late to be present while a doctor conducted physicals on the family court campus prior to the child’s participation. I will be forever grateful to all of those community leaders who made this happen. I know it changed many lives because so many people took an active interest in project S.O.A.R.

While truancy doesn’t seem like a worthy problem on the surface, it’s directly correlated to high school dropout and crime. Research shows that truancy is a gateway to crime. During my research we found that the zip codes with the highest truancy rates were the same zip codes as the higher crime rates. We also discovered that over 90% of prison inmates were habitual truants.  It is my opinion that if you can provide early intervention to a child and get them on the right path you can change the child’s life before they find themselves resorting to crime.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of medicine. My research on truancy was used for legislative changes and for a government grant that was funded for $600,000. Retired Judge Jennifer Elliott spearheaded both projects and worked tirelessly on those projects to ensure their success. She also started the Truancy Diversion Program which is now in over 183 schools.

I helped implement the Pilot Property Debt Mediation program which is a collaborative effort between the Courts and The Boyd School of Law. Professor Ray Patterson, Judge Elliott and myself worked on policies and procedures for the program. The program is still up and running and is now known as UNLV mediation. Law student mediators under the supervision of a law school professor mediate cases at family court and often settle those cases.

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister. I am a Las Vegas native. I went to R. Guild Grey Elementary School, Johnson Junior High School, Bonanza High School, UNLV and the Boyd School of Law. I am tied to this community and I care deeply about the best interests of our children and our community.

 Judicial Campaigns are won with hard work, name recognition and donations. Please consider donating to my campaign so I can continue to work hard for the families in Clark County.

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