A judge can impact your life in such a direct way. A family court judge can be tasked with making decision regarding someone’s everyday life.  No one understands this better than someone who lives with these decisions. It is important to know your judges and to vote for the right candidate. 

Since 2008 I have worked in family court. I have worked on thousands of cases involving divorce, custody, annulment, adoptions and terminations of parental rights.  I am well versed in the applicable law for family court cases. I understand the court process; the need for efficiency, consistency and fairness.

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister. I am a Las Vegas native. I went to R. Guild Grey Elementary School, Johnson Junior High School, Bonanza High School, UNLV and the Boyd School of Law. I am tied to this community and I care deeply about the best interests of our children and our community. 

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Veteran’s Village II Event

Veteran’s Village II Event

Veteran’s Village II provided an important and informative seminar called “veteran’s 101, suicide and other concerns” that I attended. I learned about warning signs of suicide and how to respond. I also learned how Veteran issues apply to judicial candidates. Veterans...

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